Virtual Church

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Church has been called to be a radically different than before. This Virtual Church section is for all, regular church goer or not. We hope these resources helps you to seek God in your life. 

  • Visit the church's Facebook page to see the latest news/updates from church. 
  • Use the 'Praying in a Pandemic' booklet for reflective service, Sunday bible readings and collects, short prayers for different moments.
  • Church of England's Prayers for use during the coronavirus outbreak
  • Prayasyougo is a 15 minute daily reflection and prayer. 
  • Sacred Space is a daily reflection and prayer resource offered by Irish Jesuits. 
  • 24-7 audio daily prayers. 
  • Lectio Divina is a prayerful way of reading the Scriptures.
  • Taize music on youtube. 
  • If you like something more upbeat, then Hillsong's music on youtube may be for you.

Sunday Worship on TV:

  • BBC One - Sunday Worship at 11.45 am
  • BBC One - Songs of Praise at 1.15 pm

BBC Radio progammes: 

  • Radio 4 - Prayer for the Day at 5.43 am daily
  • Radio 4 - Sunday Worship at 8.10 am 
  • Radio 4 - Daily Service Monday to Friday at 9.45 am (Longwave and DAB)
  • Radio 4 - Lent Talks on Wednesdays at 8.45 pm 
  • Radio 3 - Choral Evensong Wednesdays at 3.30 pm and repeated Sundays at 3 pm

Manchester Cathedral's live Facebook daily morning and evening prayers - at 9 am and 4.30 pm 

CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE & YOUNG AT HEART  you find some material for children and youngsters and those young at heart in this section.


  • Together at Home resources for children and young people

          A passage to unpack - Psalm 23

          I can pray...a house!

          Today I am thankful for

          Saying Goodbye


  • Illustrated Ministry is offering free downloads that are child accesible language, colouring pages and other activities. Good resouce for all ages. Sign up here.  



  • St Teils High School Holy Week worship for young people: Click here


LENT COURSE 2020 'Operation Noah's Climate Change & the Purposes of God' material available here: session 1 here, session 2 here, session 3  here, session 4 here, and session 5 here. 

Supporting notes available here: session 1, session 2session 3, session 4, and session 5.